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ESIC Registration

Online ESIC Registration: Required Documents, Procedure

ESI or employees' state insurance is one of the renowned social security schemes which was introduced by the Central government of India after Independence. More or less all private firms have registered themselves under the ESI Act. If any company failed to register their organization under this act then they are bound to face the penal action within a certain time limit. ESI OR Employee state insurance is a self-financing security scheme and the health insurance plan for the employees. 

It provides disablement and medical benefits. As per the ESI Act, it is operated by the ESIC or Employees' state insurance corporation. ESIC registration is mandatory now if the employer employs more than 10 employees. As per the ESI Act of any employee earning less than 15,000 every month, he or she needs to contribute 1.75% of the payment to the ESI. Whereas the company will pay 4.75%. In the age of the internet, ESIC registration has been very easy. Avoid the long queue for ESIC registration and go for ESIC online registration. It's very easy and saves your time as well.

What Are The Documents You Would Require For ESIC Registration

Following documents required for ESIC registration,

  • Registration certificate got either under the Shops and Establishment Act or Factories Act

  • Partnership deep in terms of partnership and registration certificate in terms of the company

  • Articles of Association and MOA or Memorandum of Association

  • List of employees works in the company

  • PAN Card of the Business, also Employee's PAN card also needed

  • Employee compensation details

  • A cancelled cheque of the company Bank accounts for bank details

  • Board of directors list of the company

  • Shareholders of the company

  • Attendance register of the company is also needed.

If you have not done the registration yet, you can contact us for the ESIC registration. Call us for Hassle free ESIC registration. We will do all the needful on behalf of you. For more details, visit our official website. Write to us or call us; our executive will get back to you within working 24 hours.

The Procedure Of ESIC Registration

Without wasting much time let's focus on the ESIC registration process,

Before applying for the registration, make sure you have all the required documents. Once the documents are ready, you can apply for the registration online. Submit the employer's registration Form-1. Visit the ESIC portal. Click to login. There you will find a PDF form. Fill the form and submit that to the official website of ESIC registration.

After verification, you will receive an unique registration of 17 digit registration number. It will be provided to the organisation. Once you receive the 17 digit number, your ESI filing will be completed. Employees who are registered under the ESI scheme will get an ESI card once you submit the form along with the employee’s photos and details of the family.

After providing all the necessary details, you will be advised to visit the ‘Payment of Advance Contribution Page’. Now click on the ‘Pay Initial Contribution Link’ to make the advance payment for six months. Now click on the submit button. Note your challan number.

Registration is permanent in the case of employee's addition intimate the ESI.

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