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Income Tax Planning

Business care India provides Accurate, Accredited, and Affordable Income Tax Planning to the customers. Our idea is to diminish the tax burden of the resources without infringement in the law. This helps you to take the advantage of income tax saving planning benefits without any miscue. We understand and evaluate your tax necessities to provide farfetched solutions to stretch the gigantic convertible assistances. There are numerous companies providing Income tax planning. You can get in touch with us to know more about Income tax planning tips to save your tax.

Manpower Budget

Manpower Outsourcing is one of the most imperative features of any organization. Being expertise in the same, we assist in planning manpower staffing and streamlining your future goals for budgeting the expenses to be held on steady-state manpower. Accessing the human resource capacity and forecasting the appropriate solutions after identifying the gaps. We assist you in expansion in pocket friendly approach. We have planners who foresees the needs of demand & Supply of manpower outsourcing companies.

Loan Management

Our web base application (WBA) which is online loan management system is end to end solutions for corporates. Actually in our loan management system, we analyze your requirements & create the graph based upon your financial planning to ensure best management of your loan. It plays the important role in calculating their returning or repaying capacity. Our loan management system project structure and disburse the amount correctly so that is should not increase the tax obligations. We also analyse accordingly to diminish the loss of company’s money and recovering structure in case of employee resigns from the job.

HR policies

Human resource department is considered to be the back bone of any organization. We deliver proper guidelines of the processes to be shadowed at the work place that how certain matters should be addressed by providing hr policies and procedures manual. To evade the penalties by the government, employer must follow the statuary compliances which consist of numerous sections to implement hr policies and procedures. We create an ease to follow the entire procedure efficiently & provide consultation service to Startup Company. We lend a hand to deal with your employees fairly and equitably.

Health Care Benefits

Health care services benefits are always made in favour of employees and endow with numerous benefits of employees. We suggest managing various uncommon situations like critical illness, which protection cover to choose, pros and cons of cashless benefits. We ensure the timely republishing and amendments in tax benefits in association to pick the apt medical plan. We create a stimulated and rapid work environment with respect to opt for health care benefits for your families with health insurance tax benefit as well.

Retirement Planning

We provide optimal retirement planning services which are considered as best investment planning for retirement for corporates. Knowing about the importance of retirement planning, companies cannot deny the selection of our services. Tax benefits, cost saving, legacy opportunities and immense peace of mind without any financial burden are the few key highlights. Apart from this if the company have financial planning for retirement, it improves employee motivation in work with added advantage of productivity.

Safety Management

We identify all the risk factors of the company infrastructure, access them in detailed view and prepare a map to mitigate them with safety management plan. We believe in taking precautions which is always considered to be better than curing a situation. Standards operating procedures need to be followed by efficient safety management system which are under guidelines made by government of India. To be a civilized, it is required to be adopted and thriving followed by each company with process safety management.

Compensation & Benefits

The term employee compensation & employee benefits carry a huge platform to discuss. We aid organizations to plan the required monetary and non-monetary employee benefits. Justified fixed and variable pay comes under employee compensation act 1923 and direct employee benefits program which motivates employees to work enthusiastically. Whereas as employee benefits and services are presented by us in form of value which helps company in make their face values for its employees. The criteria of factors affecting employee compensation are set by the company and printed in employee handbook before implementation

Exit Formalities

We focus on coordinating the exit interviews which help the organization in employee retention. Proper exit procedures need to be followed whether in case of resignation, termination or end of the employee contract to avoid any claims or disputes for future prospects. Off-boarding of an employee is equally important as on-boarding is, as of now it is unnoticed by employers. We monitor the correct methods to dodge any kind of jurisdictional actions by the employees.

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