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Benefits Of Employee Health Scheme 

Employee Health Scheme or EHS, in short, is an organization sponsored on government-sponsored health schemes for all its employees who are on the payroll or retired to give access to high-quality health services. The EHS policy covers the employee and its dependent family members in case of any medical urgency which needs hospitalization and urgent care. The EHS scheme is also applicable to those who have retired in the case of government employees. 

What Is EHS, And What Are Its Benefits? 

In EHS employees' health scheme, the covered employee can avail of the free cashless treatment of his or her, including all dependent family members in all those hospitals which are under the panel of the EHS scheme. These hospitals are called Network hospitals. In case you go for a hospital outside the network, then you have to pay from your pocket initially but then claim for reimbursement. Based on the set of policies and rules decided by the EHS management, you will be entitled to the amount which is permitted as per the EHS scheme. 
Another major advantage of EHS policy is that unlike old health insurance schemes, now the treatment of chronic diseases and post-hospital care is also covered. These features make EHS more lucrative than any other existing policies. Also, the EHS safety features are much more tuned to favor employees who are covered under it compared to other health policies. 

How To Enroll And What To Pay? 

Enrolment under the EHS policy those entitled to it by their organization is very easy. Either you are auto-enrolled based on your details, or you have to visit a portal and fill in all your details to get enrolled. You can create your login id and password and track all your claims and go through all the policy details like what is covered and what is not. You can also issue EHS health cards for you and your family members using the portal. The generic rule behind EHS policy that there will be a monthly premium based on the amount of coverage for which 60 % will be paid by the organization and 40% by the employee.

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