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Performance Management System

Performance Management System

General Appraisal

Every employee has right to move forward in his job in terms of wealth and position as well. For this the proper performance management process need to be followed. Now, need not to worry about it as our performance management software and various types of performance management system eliminate this fear of not marking the candidate by deserving capabilities. We are the entire organizer of employee performance management cycle.

360-Degree Appraisal

We provide consultancy services, which enables to follow 360 degree performance appraisal to help corporate to analyse the appropriate requirement of appraisal. The 360 degree appraisal method is considered as the highest satisfactory process as in this employee, sub-ordinates, his managers rate him. The appraisal is done on the basis of over all calculations. We analyse and calculate the hike amount according to the proper rating and survey. It gives immense employee contentment and eliminate the feeling of being under paid.

Employee Self-Assessment

We recommend to employer to implement a strong process of self-assessment which is one of the types of performance management system. By following this process, the results of more employee accountability have been observed. Employees can examine and gain their goals by understanding the importance of performance management and ensuing the same. Many corporates are looking forward to adopt objectives of performance management but they are unable to adopt as the existing staff is lack of proper knowledge.

Manager Performance Appraisal

We gather the information by taking honest feedback which is very open review regarding the manager’s performance. We seek proper clarity at the point of discussion with the employees, with the attainment of confidentiality. The overall consistency in rating helps in evaluating the proper conclusion of the manager’ performance grading. We have the expertise team for performing this task with the proper guidelines and standard operating procedures.

Technological/Administrative Performance Appraisal

After considering the organization goals, we suggest & implement the technological. It is a methodical valuation progression between employees and company administration for the resolution of accomplishing organisational objectives. Administratively, it supports controller decision-making concerning employment actions, people planning and training and development requirements. We analyse both annually and monthly overall contribution of each and every employee towards the organization. And the increment to the employee is given accordingly.

Project Evaluation Review

The requirement of project evaluation review aroused when the contribution of a particular employee is needed to be calculated in the assigned project. We closely monitor the time consumed by each one to accomplish the particular task which is given to him/her. We ensure that, the productivity of each employee must be according to his compensation. By this, we evaluate the progress track record and able to calculate the TAT time of each project. So that we can commit the client accordingly.

Sales Performance Appraisal

The sales and marketing team is precisely dynamic in any organization. The appraisal of sales people should be unbiased, in-time and satisfactory in order to bring stability in that department. We access the sales individual with evaluation of certain parameters which are imperative for assessment like their rating by customers, feedback, teamwork, approach towards work. Rate of return is also considered properly by us with evaluation their market penetration level.

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