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Compliance Management

Business Care India: Our Most Trusted Compliance Management Advisors at your Service

Every business in India is required to follow a particular set of procedures and policies for effective Compliance Management within their organization. Since the whole corporate sector is ruled by intricate compliance laws, Business Care India offers an array of solutions for such secretarial and corporate protocols. We assist businesses at every step so that a well-organized compliance environment, minus uncertainties, can be created.

Our consultancy offers its services for the following compliances:

GST Compliance

For corporates, GST Compliance is a time-bound statutory requirement that must be addressed with professional advice and robust tax filing solutions. In fact, there is a complete GST compliance checklist that businesses must adhere to. It includes:

  1. Transaction Classification
  2. Place and Time of Supplies
  3. GST Registration
  4. Inventory and Expense Management
  5. Applicable Tax Slabs
  6. Account Reconciliations and Balance Sheets
  7. Charts of Accounts
  8. Logistics
  9. Policies for Sales, Marketing and Payments
  10. Supply Chain Management
  11. Review of Existing Contracts, Customers and Vendors
  12. GST System Support
  13. GST Return Filing

Business Care India has strong tax teams which help businesses in adhering to GST compliance in India by advising on all the above-mentioned points. It ensures that there is statutory compliance management through the smooth workflow as well as flawless data transformation and correction.

Income Tax

Business Care India assists corporates in filing their Income Tax with the local tax authorities, whilst ensuring that all the tax compliance norms are met. Our professionals use an efficient income tax software for compliance support in areas like tax registration, corporate income tax return, VAT, Excise and Customs Duty, income tax exemption, etc. We follow the rules of Income Tax Act, 1961 while filing our clients’ income tax in India, depending upon their respective income tax slab.


In any business’ compliance management system, Secretarial plays an important role in assuring compliance with procedural and legal requirements. That’s why, Secretarial Audit has been made mandatory for all listed businesses by the Companies Act, 2013. We assist such businesses by first checking their secretarial audit applicability and then providing guidance note on secretarial audit, along with a complete secretarial audit checklist.

Tax Processing

Tax Processing is one of our main compliance management solutions for businesses. We provide fast and cost-effective services to our clients for tax preparation and processing. Our corporate compliance management service helps them in balancing their tax operations and keeping up with seasonal regulatory changes. We also make tax processing easier and transparent via robust tax filing assistance and simple tax software integration.

FEMA and RBI Regulations

FEMA, fully known as Foreign Exchange Management Act and RBI Regulations are the two crucial pillars of legal compliance management in corporate sector. We understand the need for Foreign Exchange Management and hence, assist corporates in achieving the foreign exchange management act objectives. These include external trade facilitation, payment balancing, orderly business growth and foreign exchange management in India.

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