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Hunting an appropriate candidate for your organization is one of the key functions of recruitment process in HRM. A potential candidate is considered as root of the organization. Without skilled employees any organization can’t be cultivated or nurtured. We headhunt the candidate from the gigantic world to beat your competitors from the market. We are pioneer in hiring leaders to lead your organization fruitfully by providing the best recruitment services. We have record in hiring from bottom to top management employees in almost all segments.

Reference Check

Before hiring a right candidate for your organization, we endow with the strong recommendation of getting its background verified. We collect the information of the past employer with the essential necessities like his work performance, eligibility to rehire, any nuisance if created by him. It helps an employer to find out serious and dedicated employee for the position. We work according to the employer gratification and constraints.

Background Screening

Our company is providing the facility of entire background screening of the employee hired by the employer. Thus can be implemented any point of time to both new hired and existing employees. It involves qualification check, employer background verification, criminal record identification, debit/credit history and much more. It can be best to know the authenticity of the person working in your organization. Nowadays, it is considered to be mandatory for abundant companies especially for huge brands to follow the background verification process.

Records Investigation

The investigation of records of an employee also comes under HR management services. When we hire any employee, it is very important of investigate his part records such as qualification and experience certificates. Our managed HR services never neglect these tasks to make sure the candidate hired meets the eligibility criteria and proven to be fruitful for the future prospective. We always suggest to accomplish this thing despite of candidate being hired from hr placement services.

Medical Test

We provide services of pre-employment health check-up of each and every employee to streamline the maximum productivity in work after joining the organization. This is proven significant for future heath state of an employee. It also recognizes present medical conditions, counting lifestyle and contagious infections which could get unfavourably exaggerated by occupational acquaintance. To avoid the unwanted disturbance to existing staff members, this service is vital.

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