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Payroll Services

Payroll Services

Attendance Management in Surat

Our attendance management system which is functions of HRM is totally trouble free and automated. For making the effective salaries correctly, the human resource management system is featured by specified attendance management system. We have several processes to monitor the accurate attendance, it is entirely dependent upon the requirement of the customers with allocation of the staff in Surat. Our multiple techniques of calculating attendance with evolution of hrm make us special and distinctive.

Biometric Integration in Surat

In the entire HRM, the biometric integration is one of the most required functions among the functions of human resource management. It actually reduces the manual effort of making salaries. We provide solutions which enables to make the whole calculations of the daily, weekly, monthly, yearly salaries on just punching your impressions into the biometric machine in Surat. Biometric integration has become as integral part of strategic human resource management with adoption of absolute no place of human error in salary calculation.

Leave Management in Surat

We have a full-fledged employee leave management system which is rated as perfect for effective employee leave management in Surat. Starting from the application, status, type of leave (EL/CL/PL/SL) and final approval can be effortlessly handle by us with the practice of the leave management software. By this system the unwanted absenteeism can be controlled. This is a transparent approach towards employees leave management system hence, provide immense satisfaction to all the employees as well as human resource management department in Surat.

Salary Structure Creation in Surat

The employee compensation comprehends many integrals. Basic salary and various other components are the constituents of salary breakup structure. Our new salary structure is up to the date with the government implemented rules and regulations. Salary structure in India has many variable, we design it to minimize the tax of both employees and employers in Surat. Our solutions have proven themselves remarkably in many corporates in India. We keep tracks of regular feedbacks through our clients.

Payroll Processing in Surat

Payroll outsourcing services are preferred by most of the big corporates because of numerous reasons in Surat. Exact monetarisation of expenditure, unmistaken remuneration, on time distribution, less dependency on staff for manual calculations are the facilities we provide meritoriously. Factually effective payroll management services consist of three steps collection of day wages, appropriate deductions & final disbursement of salaries in Surat. We have robust payroll processing software for performing the entire service and payroll process within very minimal time comparatively.

Form 16 (Including Part A & B) in Surat

During income tax declaration, it is mandatory to provide form 16. For that companies have to provide it to all the employees coming under income tax declaration scheme in Surat. We provide facility to auto generated form 16 both A and B parts. It can be generated by each employee through software which contains the detailed information about the amount deducted against tax throughout the year. This income tax declaration can be beneficial at the point of filling the returns of both employee and employer in Surat.

TDS Reports in Surat

We keep up to date knowledge of market and follow all mandate rules and regulations under the norms of government of India. Providing the certificate under the deducted tax is obligatory for all employers in Surat. Our online TDS reports and services can keep full track of estimated tax deducted for all employees in the complete financial year. And, we issue the certificate for the proof which enables all employees to claim their tax returns in Surat.

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