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Strategic Financial Management

Strategic Financial Management in Pune - Accounting And Finance

Business Care India: Boost your Corporate Value with our Financial Strategy Consultancy Services in Pune

Businesses make different kinds of strategies to propel themselves in the market. One of them is Strategic Financial Management, where they create Financial Strategies to achieve their goals and objectives in Pune. We, at Business Care India, help such businesses by advising on how they can articulate their Finance Vision and, accordingly, strategize their Finance Function. Our experts ensure that our client’s finance vision is well-aligned with its business strategy.

Our consultancy service offers Financial Strategy advice in following managerial areas:

Receivables Management Service In Pune

Business Care India offers Receivables Management service to corporates who wish to accelerate their cash flow, while optimizing their working capital. We understand the importance of receivables management and hence, use effective receivables management techniques to maintain a business’ credit soundness. Our services include swift invoice-cash conversion, accounts receivables management, buyer’s credit risk analysis, etc.

Inventory Management In Pune

Our services also include Inventory Management, where we advise corporates on the importance of inventory management and supply efficiency. We design a proper inventory management system for our clients, so that they can achieve all of their objectives of inventory management in Pune. It consists of sound inventory management techniques, different types of inventory management methods and a comprehensive inventory management process. We also provide consultancy on inventory management for small businesses.

Creditors Management In Pune

Business Care India assists corporates in Creditors Management by providing its best services in the field of debt collections. Our staff, with their professional negotiation skills, strives to recover all of clients’ bad debts, while reducing losses in the process. We offer ethical and amicable solutions for bad debt recollection. Our main focus is to solve our clients’ debt issues creatively and help them maintain cordial relations with their debtors in Pune.

Capital Expenditure For Long Term

Today, businesses are well-acquainted with the importance of strategic financial management and hence, know how much capital expenditure, i.e., CAPEX is vital for their long-term financial health. Business Care India helps them by offering suitable CAPEX Planning solutions and counsels in Pune. These solutions will contribute in enhancing their profitability and future survival prospects, while resourcefully managing their expenses.

Financing For Capital Requirements

Various corporates require cash to keep themselves moving forward, esp. when there are outstanding bills to be paid. Business Care India helps you by offering financing solutions so that your capital requirements can be adequately met. Our experts assess your growth cycle to determine the style of capital financing most suited for you in Pune. Subsequently, they suggest the best applicable financing instrument (like term loans, line of credit, invoice financing, etc.) for your business capital.

Credit & Financial Risks In Pune

The concept of strategic financial management is incomplete without the inclusion of Credit and Financial Risks. We offer analytical framework to corporates for evaluating probable credit and financial risks existing in the market. Our professionals take relevant data form your business so as to offer critical insights and precise risk management solutions in Pune. All this helps businesses in taking swift decisions and maintaining their financial stability.

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