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Most Profitable Business For Beginner In India

The hunt for starting a profitable business in India to make money, chase your dream is one of the most challenging tasks. If you have a business idea to establish a business, these ideas can build you a company at an initial cost. Starting a business is the only way to live your dream and gives you the independence to make your own boss. Indian government is also empowering and encouraging the individuals to start the business under startup India scheme. Starting a profitable business depends upon a lot of things that includes the condition of the market, demand of the product, availability of raw materials and others. Are you one of those people who is looking for a job even after graduation or who is in the wrong job or who wants to live life according to their own rules?

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There can be many reasons to become an entrepreneur and start your own business in India. But we are all stuck in a simple phase, searching for the best profitable small business ideas that can earn frequent income. We, the majority of middle class Indians, have always wanted to get a white collar job after completing graduation because it is risk free and gives us money to secure your family future. But does it give freedom or recognition to what we see from our society in India? Yes, you can be the CEO of your company, but you cannot be called the founder of your company. Here you can find some of the best profitable small business ideas for beginners that can make your dream come true.

1. Fruit And Vegetable Juice Counter

Most of the Indians are becoming health conscious as they want low calorie and fresh juices that do not contain preservatives and are evolving into healthy alternatives. That’s why juice counter has made entry in this small business idea list and becoming top choice for India for a successful project. This is one, especially in the summer when packaged carbonated drinks are probably less healthy than drinks like lemon juice, buttermilk and lassi work well for this small business. Anyone can go all out and decide to start with a business loaded with fruits and vegetables. As long as the drink provided is of high quality and all the necessary permissions are in order, the success of this business idea will not be too difficult in India.

2. Freelance Writing And Blogging

Blogging has the potential to become a money spinner if you have to choose the idea of ??making a single penny from the list of internet based small businesses from home in India. As long as it's interesting, it's okay for anyone to write or make a video about the content. Many top performers, including stand-up comedians, also expand their reach. The goal is to increase the number of views or readers of the blog by creating interesting content about your business. In the case of some blog platforms one is paid based on the number of views, but in the case of most blogs, converting revenue through Google AdSense.

3. Customer Service Point (CSP)

Customer Service Point (CSP) is one of the most lucrative recent business ideas and you can earn more than your expectation when you work hard. You can be the business correspondent of any bank and even set up your CSP at your home in India. To become the CSP of any bank, all you need to have a laptop and an internet connection. CSP is a kind of commission based work, and if you live in any small city or village in India you have unlimited range to get some great profit from this business.

4. IRCTC Agent or Travel Agent

The travel and tourism industry is one of the growing businesses in India. You can be a travel agent in your area and arrange trips and excursions for your customers. You can become an associate partner for a large online travel company like MakeMyTrip or Goibibo and many others to earn commissions from them. Similarly, you can also become the official booking agent of IRCTC and earn commission from railway ticket booking. This is a small investment type business that only needs a computer, printer, and a Wi-Fi.

5. Online Food Distribution Business

If you live in big cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, then the food delivery business is one of the most attractive small business ideas you can start today. Food delivery business is an amazing startup concept in India you can set it up easily with a low budget. To start a food delivery business, you need to contact some large hotels or restaurants to have your food delivered to the end users. In India, you have to provide food or food mainly to people living in offices or hostels. You can also create a food delivery app like Swiggy, Zomato and upload food menus or other details online in your food delivery app.

6. Cakes And Pastries Business

Armed with a good oven, you can open a low-investment business to make cakes, muffins, cookies, pastry and other bakery items in India. This small business has great potential as customers are always looking for new, better tastes at affordable price deserts options. However you need a lot of skill in making these baked dishes as you can take online classes in India. One can also sell these cakes online and make money from your home comfort.

7. Event Organizer

You can even set up your own event management company with very little investment. Many social events such as weddings, birthday celebrations or wedding anniversaries take place throughout the year. You can help your customer by arranging venues, flower arrangements or food arrangements, events, and paying for all your service arrangements. In this way you just have to hook up with caterers and some helping staff to make it happen.  

8. Private Home Tuition

Starting coaching classes is a great idea for students, beginners and anyone who wants to start a business in zero investment. You can start your home tuition service and take advantage of them if you have great teaching skills and knowledge. In this way you can revise your subjective knowledge along with being paid for them.

9. Online Yoga or Dance Class

Yoga and meditation are very popular among people from all walks of life. If you are a certified yoga teacher or any form of dance expert then you can start giving yoga classes online or from any small place.

10. Nursery And Gardening Business

Once again, nursery is a great small business idea with minimal investment. Due to the growing awareness through the environment, many people now maintain small plants and shrubs in their apartments and offices to make it air clean. You can open this business from your home or even from a small part of land. Additionally, you can sell packets of organic fertilizers, hybrid seeds and other garden necessities in India.

11. Handicraft Business

Anyone can start, buy and sell handicrafts even in rural areas. However, shiny showrooms charge high rates for goods, which are usually purchased very cheaply. You can also enter this huge business by buying handicrafts from different places around you and selling them at affordable prices. Again, the craft market is always high because they can be given as gifts or used for home and office decoration in India.

12. Last Lines About Starting Small Business In India

For many start-ups or emerging entrepreneurs, the main obstacle in starting any business opportunity in India is money for non-renewable cash or assets. However, there are also many small business ideas available where you need very little initial investment. You need to get the right opportunity at the right time by choosing a small business idea is an easy part of your entrepreneurial journey, but getting it done and becoming a successful entrepreneur can be a overwhelming task. If you want to pursue your dreams and live your life by your own rules, entrepreneurship or starting your own business is the best option in India.

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